1A0KM 2007

That’s me, I0JBL. In the 2007 1A0KM activity I must take care of digital mode. Normally I do not operate in necktie, but this is one of the advantages of a DXCC country in your own city. You can make DX without any bad conseguence in your business.

Look the operator’s seriousness. If it is impossible to go in an exotic location, you can be consoled with a exotic shirt. .hi!

Sometimes, between the DXexpeditioners, digital modes are not very popular. This lack of  popularity, in my opinion, is because when we use either rtty or psk, we loose the added value of adaptive capabilities of our brain. The demonstration of my theory has been had during the last 1a0km operation that take place in 2007. The rtty’s operations are begun Sunday and in approximately five hours of activity I have putt almost 400 Qs on the log. The next monday, the situation has been dramatic. The propagation gave only very weak signals. Sufficient to be listen, but insufficient to be decoded in a huge pileup. In fact after a hundred of qso in rtty it has been necessary to move in psk31 where, with a extreme difficulty has been possible to make some other qso more (above the rtty desk with the superb USB Signalink).